Text 12 Sep

Hello everybody, Coffee shops are truly great places to see the best and worst of your society; - A…

Hello everybody,

Coffee shops are truly great places to see the best and worst of your society;

- A small child orders an “Americano, no milk , no sugar” for herself.

- An anxious looking businessman orders “Milk … to go.”

- A group of girlfriends wait in line, gossiping about the party last week where (rumour has it) Rebecca got herself “up the duff”. If you’ve been lucky enough never to hear…

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Text 3 Sep Camping in the Lake District

Camping in the Lake District

Hello people,

I’ll be the first to admit this blog has hit a bit of a dry spell ; the first to admit it because I doubt anyone is reading anymore to admit to anything otherwise.

So I’m back. Refreshed after a weekend of camping two weeks ago , and thrown right back into exhaustion and slight depression after a weekend with friends. *Note – I feel this way because they are gone, not because they…

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Text 21 Aug Pit stop at Ben’s Canteen

Pit stop at Ben’s Canteen

Hello everybody,

Today was one of those great days. The kind that sticks out a little bit above the rest.

Work was going great and I felt like I was making a difference.

We might finally be moving house and , for a change, are moving to a place we like immediately (no work to be done!).

I will get to see my dear friends in just over a week and explore London together once more.

And finally, I had

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Text 11 Aug A little bit of everything , but mostly coffee

A little bit of everything , but mostly coffee

Hello everybody,

Miss me ? I’ll take your silence as a yes.

As always a quiet blog = a busy life . We’ve been occupied with selling our home, taking care of our cat (it is a full time job) , working and studying hard , and I personally have been busy looking for the next best coffee shop. Fortunately, I’ve found a couple:

Timberyard, Covent Garden


This place has interesting tasting coffee,…

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Text 1 Aug 1 note Yes , yes , yes to Guardians of the Galaxy !

Yes , yes , yes to Guardians of the Galaxy !

Obviously , it’s good.


Guardians of the Galaxy provides a nice link and follow-on from the last Avengers movie. The bad guys you see in the Avengers are but a small fraction of what is really out there in the galaxy; this movie throws so many different alien species at you that it’s hard to keep up.

Our hero Peter Quill carries a walkman, dancing to 70’s /80’s music whilst simultaneously killing…

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Text 27 Jul Gather at Kopapa

Hello everybody.

We learnt a new word:

Kopapa – A Maori word for ‘a gathering, to be crowded , and a building to store food in’.

Photography by Kang L

Kopapa is the neat little place that has opened up in Seven Dials, Covent Garden and the food is pretty decent. I’m not exactly sure how long it’s been open but I’m glad we found it.

I had the salmon and avocado salad..

Too little avocado in my opinion but I'm greedy about avocado.

Too little avocado in my opinion but I’m greedy…

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Text 18 Jul Dawn of the Planet of the Apes : Review

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes : Review

Hello everybody,

For lack of anything better to watch, we went to see the sequel of the sequel of the sequel to Planet of the Apes last night.

The last of these movies ended with the apes breaking out of their cages and taking over the planet ( from what I can remember ). This latest instalment sets the scene of a very empty planet in which humans have been wiped out by a virus , and the apes…

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Text 14 Jul Archipelago (not a movie review)

Archipelago (not a movie review)

Hello readers,

Glad to see you’re all still here . My Tom Hiddleston obsession some years back led me to the movie Archipelago . This is not about that.

But it is about a same-named restaurant that I stumbled upon when I googled the movie.

An archipelago is by definition a chain of islands.

Archipelago, the restaurant, is in the middle of nowhere; an island in the middle of concrete London. It…

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Text 7 Jul Transformers : Age of Extinction

Transformers : Age of Extinction

Age of Extinction is about right.

I think this will be the last ever Transformers movie .

Please let this be the last Transformers movie.

Readers , this movie  was all over the place. In the little battery-life I have left on this laptop (yes I have a charger but I’m too lazy to plug it in) , I will take a second to tell you to please avoid this movie at all costs.

The CGI was great yes but you…

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Text 2 Jul 1 note Under the Skin

Hello everybody ,

I’ve found a good one ! I watched Jonathan Glazers’ Under the Skin this weekend and loved it.


If you have ever read the book , as is most often the case the movie is nothing like it. Briefly, the book is about an alien living in Glasgow (…) hunting for hitch-hikers, which she then drugs and takes back to her alien headquarters. The humans (known as ‘vodsels’ in the book) are…

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